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    Jackie Bugarin-Uy from the Philippines

    "Airbnb made me more a creative and resourceful person. Since I am overseas and my listing is in Metro Manila, I needed to think ways how to make it work and how to still be competitive even though I'm not physically present there most of the time. Being connected on the internet makes that possible and with help of apps like Vayoo it makes my hosting journey more of exciting and fulfilling." Check the Facebok post!

    Richard Dyson from England

    "I have used Vayoo to aid me in managing my vacation rental for over 9 months now and it has provided valuable insights into my business (and also that of my competitors). The pricing tool is much better than the ‘smart’ pricing offered by AirBnB as it is not subject to the bias installed by AirBnB in their algorithms. (AirBnB are only bothered about getting booked, at any cost) Vayoo is working for you and its recommendations have certainly helped me fill up: I love knowing who in my neighbourhood is booking, and at what rates."

    Sonia Galloso from Perú

    "Bravo good application!!! Thanks to this application, it is now very easy to manage properties because I have statistics that help me create better strategies for my business. Highly recommended and easy to use."

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