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How to Synchronize Prices Between Your Airbnb Properties?

Vayoo has a new Synchronize price feature. Sync prices is a seemingly small, but significant feature that allows you to apply prices throughout your properties simultaneously.

Now you can set the price in one property and automatically apply it in others. The prices in other properties could be the same, lower or higher, depending on the margins you defined.

This feature will not only save your time but also keep prices aligned for all of your listings.

Ready to sync your prices?

You can find the price synchronization option under Calendar > Day > Note > Sync Prices.

If you have linked two or more Airbnb listings, you will be able to use this feature. Just select the properties you want to sync your price with.

After making the first changes, Vayoo will remember your choices and keep applying prices to chosen properties in the future. If you don’t want to use the sync option anymore, you can easily uncheck your selected properties.

Try out Vayoo Sync Price Feature for Airbnb Hosts!

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