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Guest Blog: Tyann's Top 10 Tips for AirBnB Photos (Part 2)

5. Use food

A big part of vacation is the local food.

Whip up one of your favorite recipes using the appliances and tools you have in the kitchen, and then get some tight shots of the delicious food to let your guests know that they can create a fabulous meal also.

Photo by Tyann Marcink.
Tip: Or simply lay out some ingredients next to a small appliance. It can be as simple as a mug, some tea, and the teakettle grouped together.

4. Get the details

Mix in tight detail shots with the wide-angle photos of a room. These close ups will punctuate amenities and make your property stand out from the crowd.

Is all about the details. Photo by Tyann Marcink
.Tip: The details help create the experience of your space. Don’t overlook this opportunity to communicate the fine details that make your place stand out from other places.

3. Don’t rush it

Take your time to thoroughly prep your property for your photos, including tweaking the arrangement of furniture, and don’t expect to have it all finished in an hour.

In addition, sometimes it is necessary to come back another day or another time of day for the best lighting.

Tip: Showing extra care in your prep and staging truly shows in the end result.

2. Post process

Bringing up the contrast and punching the color saturation a bit can help your image out. This is not against the rules. Every image is post processed, whether your camera does it or you do it.

But pretty please do not make the color overly saturated or garish or create a Harry-Potter-esque looking room by overdoing the HDR (high dynamic range) effect.

Overprocessed photo by host.

No overprocessed photo by Tyann Marcink
Tip: Small adjustments make a big difference.

4. Hire a pro

Yes, you can learn to do it yourself, and you can achieve a pretty good result.


n fact, I wrote some e-books, created a video course, and hold workshops just for hosts and other photographers to learn how I photograph AirBnB properties.

You don’t have to hire a pro immediately. There are a few stages you might walk through first:

Stage 1: Using your smartphone to snap haphazard quick photos

Stage 2: Shoot again with more thought put into your prep, staging, composition, and lighting

Stage 3: Ask a friend to come shoot with a fancier camera after you have your space ready

Stage 4: Find a pro who knows how to properly expose a photo

Stage 5: Find a pro who specializes in AirBnB and vacation rental photography

Tip: Hiring a pro is a big investment with a big ROI (Return On Investment). Simply think how many nights you need to book to cover the cost…3 nights? 5 nights? If you are booked nearly every night, simply raising your price by $5-10 per night will not only cover the cost of pro photos but make you more money.

About Tyann Marcink

Her recent adventures took her down the face of a slippery cliff off the Na Pali Coast in Kauai and into a secret cave with 20 sleeping sea turtles. She has dangled her feet from the edge of canyons and climbed poles to get “the shot.”

Her passion for photography and vacation rentals truly makes her eyes sparkle.

Considered the industry leader in vacation rental photography, Tyann also has the advantage of the host’s viewpoint, as she has three properties in Branson and St. Louis area, Missouri and has hosted over 5,000 guests since 2007.

In addition, she teaches host and owner best practices, workflow, and social media at the VR Mastered #vacationrentalbootcamp as well as vacation rental photography to other hosts and photographers.

Tyann has written several ebooks (including a free one) and created a video course on vacation rental photography as well as teaches workshops on the subject and presented at industry conferences, including:

Vacation Rental World SummitVacation Rental Success SummitVRMA EastFlorida VRMAHomeAway Summits

See the articles she has written for industry companies and magazines at her press page.

Follow her adventures, photography tips, and hosting insights on Facebook, Instagram(@tyannmarcink), and YouTube. And sign up for her periodic emails and free ebook here.

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