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Guest blog: 7 Must-Haves for Setting Up Your First Airbnb Property

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

Starting out on Airbnb for the first time is an exciting and scary time. So much is unknown. Where do you begin? What do you need? There’s all this anticipation and potential. And, you want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to start off on the right foot. That’s why Good Host Shop is here to give you the lowdown on what you need for your first rental venture. Let’s remove some of the unknown and help maximize all that potential with our definitive list of the 7 must-haves you need for setting up your first Airbnb property:

#1 - White Sheets White bedding is the way to go for an Airbnb property. It looks clean and crisp, photographs well, and is easier to clean. That’s right, white sheets are easier to clean. Colored bedding will become discolored by your guests' various potions and lotions. And, once that happens, there is nothing you can do but throw them out. On the other hand, white sheets can be restored with a whitener and go right back into rotation. Colored sheets might match your decor, but they also can hide stains. And guests know this. Even if your colored sheets are brand new, guests might be suspicious of their cleanliness. There is a reason why most hotels exclusively use white bedding.

#2 - Plenty of White Towels All of your guests will expect clean, fluffy towels and you should offer one set of towels per guest. A standard towel set includes one bath towel, one hand towel, and one washcloth per guest. For your rental, we recommend having three sets of towels per guest. This means that if your property sleeps two guests, then you should stock up on six towel sets. One set to be used by your current guests, one set from previous guests that is ready to be laundered, and the last set as backup in case of emergency.

Just like with your sheets, white colored towels are the way to go. They are easier to clean, they look great in listing photos, and guests love them. The only exception is if you want to offer an additional towel that is specifically for dirty jobs, like makeup removal. In this case, adding a dark grey or blue towel with your white towel sets will be welcomed by guests and help you get more life out of your white towels.

#3 - Basic Amenities

Just like a hotel, you should stock up on the basics like shampoo, conditioner, hand soap, and body wash (please don’t forget the toilet paper!). Once upon a time, when Airbnb was more of a couch-surfing site, these amenities were not always expected. Today, if you don’t provide these items, you will probably get a bad review which means fewer bookings and less money in your bank account. You don’t need to shell out the big bucks for pricey toiletries but a generic, two-ply TP will be appreciated. And, if you can, buy your amenities in bulk because it will save you money. If you put out a 12 oz size bottle of hand soap for guests to use, you could then refill it with a bulk size bottle of hand soap, as needed.

#4 - Comfy Memory Foam Mattress Memory foam gets you more bookings. It’s that simple. With more Airbnb listings posted every day, guests are becoming more selective about where they want to rest their heads at night. One way to stand out from the pack is by offering a memory foam mattress. In fact, many guests will only book a reservation at a listing that offers a memory foam mattress. And, if you think memory foam is too expensive, think again. There are many high-quality memory foam mattresses that can be shipped right to your door for a very reasonable price. Memory foam, unlike a spring coil mattress, can be compressed and shipped which reduces the overall cost. Once it’s unpacked, the memory foam expands and bounces back into perfect shape. So, no more excuses. Increase your booking rate and go with memory foam.

#5 - Waterproof Mattress Protector This is a big-time, must-have rental supply. Why? Because without one, you are taking a gamble on your investment. Most guests are lovely people who will treat your property with respect. But it only takes one accident, like a spilled glass of wine or a leaky bladder (yes, it happens) to ruin a mattress permanently. You won’t have much choice then but to buy a new mattress. What a waste of your money. A mattress protector, on the other hand, doesn’t cost much and it will protect your mattress by creating a barrier that liquids and germs cannot penetrate. So, when the inevitable oops happens, you simply toss the waterproof mattress protector in the laundry along with the bedding and, voila, your bed is ready for your next guests. Think of a mattress protector like an insurance policy for your mattress!

#6 - Platform Bed Frame Platform bed frames are uniquely suited to the needs of Airbnb hosts. First, they don’t require a box spring so that is one less thing you have to buy and maintain. Second, they are more durable than traditional bed frames, especially when they are constructed with center support legs. Third, they are typically lower to the ground which makes a room appear large and airy. And, last but not least, a platform bed frame looks amazing in listing photos. Every guest that books your property will have checked out your listing photos. And, the photos of your bedroom will be the most viewed image. A platform bed frame can make your bedroom photos pop which can dramatically increase your booking rate.

#7- Unique Decor One of the biggest appeals of staying in an Airbnb is the personalized, authentic vibe of staying in a home as opposed to the often sterile, corporate feel of many hotel chains. Don’t be afraid to add a little personality and fun to your rental decor because this is what your guests want. Include some local artwork on the walls, offer a “Give a book, take a book” library, or simply add a splash of unexpected color with a bright sofa. Get creative! Guests will not only enjoy the environment you’ve created but it will also help your listing stand out from the competition. Just keep in mind, there is a fine line between creative and over the top garish so don’t go too crazy. As long as your rental looks clean and inviting in your listing photos, your guests and your wallet will be happy.

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