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Get your Airbnb Property Performance Report Today

Now you have performance reports for each of your Airbnb properties at your fingertips. Just log in or register on Vayoo, link your Airbnb property and you will see currently achieved revenue, average daily rate, the number of booked days, Airbnb search visibility position, and all of that in comparison to the similar properties in your area.

The performance view is updated daily, and it gives you a glance if you are doing better than others, or if you are achieving higher or lower results than expected. Take a look at the video below to see how it works.

How To Use Airbnb Property Performance?

With this report, you can now make more accurate price decisions. For example, if you see that your occupation is much higher than the average in your area, and yet your estimated income is equal or even lower, it means that you are putting prices too low and losing income. What Does Revenue Report Includes?

The revenue report shows the expected revenue of your current booked days within the chosen period, and these estimations only include price per night and cleaning fees. What is ADR?

Average Daily Rate is the average rental income per occupied day in the chosen period or, in other words, it’s the average price at which you sold your current booked days.


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