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Do you know how your listing appears in Airbnb search results?

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

We have not written to you lately because, in response to your requests, we have been busy with Vayoo's new design and important improvements related to the visibility of your Airbnb.

With the new design we wanted to simplify the service to be more intuitive and to get to the relevant info more easily. Simply clicking on the screen you can go forward to your month or day of interest and thus be able to comfortably apply a recommended price or a minimum stay requirement.

On the visibility of your listing we have incorporated a repeatedly requested option: to be able to select the criteria to use to monitor your position in Airbnb searches. The search criteria we now use to show your visibility is based on the literal information that you have introduced when publishing your listing on Airbnb.

We are confident that these improvements will help you increase the income and occupancy of your Airbnb.

Best regards, Vayoo's team www.vayoo.com

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