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5 tips to improve your Airbnb ranking

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

With over a million hosts worldwide and millions of listings, we can freely say that Airbnb is a highly competitive platform. Whenever a traveler uses Airbnb to find accommodation, they usually rely on Airbnb’s search engine. This means that if your listing appears higher in the search engine results, you have more chances to rent your place. Those who have some experience with SEO, yes! That word… know exactly what we are talking about. Just like in the case of SEO, you should know that there are certain things that you can do to rank your listing higher in Airbnb results. We will now reveal 5 methods that can help you right away.

1. Get more reviews

One of the things that make Airbnb special is the opportunity to leave a review after using some of the places found there. Encourage your visitors to leave positive reviews once they leave your place. You can do this online and offline. Even if you get a negative review you should not give up because this is just a reminder that you need to improve some things. The more positive reviews you have the higher you will rank on Airbnb.

*Tip: you can screen your potential guest’s reviews with the new Chrome extension AirReview​

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2. Work on building trust

In case you are a new Airbnb host, you should start building trust right away. Verify your ID and confirm your email address and phone number. Connect your social media profiles to Airbnb. If your profile is complete and verified, then you should improve your ranking.

3. Be active

It is a good idea to log into your Airbnb account every day. Airbnb has confirmed that their search algorithm detects activity and ranks people higher based on the level of activity. Update your calendar on a regular basis and inform future guests or former guest about the changes you’ve made. You can also work on your pricing and create special seasonal deals.

4. Use social media

Let’s be clear – this is not a direct way to improve Airbnb ranking, but it still works. Namely, you should share your profile/listing on popular social media like Facebook and Twitter. You can use your own profile or page or other people’s pages. When you get exposed to huge networks you will increase web traffic to your profile which will automatically alert Airbnb’s algorithm. The final result is a much higher ranking.

5. Work on your listing

As we said before, there are literally thousands of active listings on Airbnb. This is the reason why you should make your listing stand out from the crowd. For starters, make sure that every section of the listing is filled with correct information. Pay special attention to the description and title sections. Think about the things that make your place better than the others in the area. Don’t forget to mention the amenities you have. If you have any rules, this is the place and time to highlight them. Don’t forget to use high-quality photos of your place taken from different angles. Airbnb loves interesting and complete listings.

Keep in mind that these are just some of the many tips that can help you improve your listing’s ranking on Airbnb.

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