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5 Summer Tips for Your Airbnb Listing

Finally, summer is here, and everyone is looking for their next holiday, so it’s time you made sure your Airbnb listing helps you to bag plenty of bookings. It can sometimes feel like it’s difficult to stay ahead of the game and stand out from your competitors, so here are 5 essential tips to make your property the most successful Airbnb listing this summer:

Respond to inquiries quickly

When people contact you about your listing, they want a response quickly. It’s likely that they’re enquiring about a few properties and whoever answers first has the best chance of winning their business. Airbnb also grants listings higher rankings if response times are quicker, so it makes sense to get back to your potential clients as soon as possible. If you don't have enough time to manage your communications, you automate your Airbnb messages with Aviva IQ.

Update your photos

Shake off the cobwebs and show off your property in the brilliant summer sun. Photos taken in the winter can look dull and gloomy, so take some new pictures with flowers in bloom and make sure there’s plenty of bright natural light flowing into your rooms. This will help to make your listing look far more appealing than your competitors, and lead us to our next tip… If you need help with your pictures, we would recommend Tyann Marcink website and Pinterest.

This is an example of how to "Bright up the inside" in a picture of your property. Photo by Airbnb.

Make sure your property sparkles

When you’re staying in another property, the last thing you want is to walk in and notice that certain areas look a bit grubby. Much like a professional hotel, it’s recommended that you have set periods where your clients must check in and out so that you can go in and spruce the place up to ensure that your next clients get that same stand out experience. This will help you avoid that dreaded 1-star review!

Get your price right!

Even if your property is absolutely perfect and every client wants to visit, they’ll always decide against it if the price is wrong. With a dynamic pricing tool such as Vayoo, you’ll easily be able to identify the optimal price for your property. It also has personalized alerts to let you know when your price is incorrect, to ensure that you don’t miss out on extra income on those peak days!

Sell your area

When people rent a property, they’re also buying into the area around it. If you live near a theater or know a great little eatery nearby, let your potential clients know. This differentiates your listing from all of the other listings in your town/city. You can even throw in a free personal guided tour if you have the time and become an Experience Host!

Airbnb is more competitive than ever, and it can sometimes be tough to attract people to your listing. With these tips for Airbnb listings and effective services like Vayoo and Aviva IQ, it’s easier than ever to optimize your listing to ensure your booking probability and your guest satisfaction.


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