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2018 important events (to be continued...)

Being aware of major events in your city is key for any Airbnb host. They are an opportunity to get more bookings at a higher rate. This is why Vayoo has compiled some of the most important events of the year for you.

Please remember that our system only detects the increase in demand in the cities where we do have active users. Also, other important events might not have been announced yet or there has not been a pick on demand related to them yet. If you know of any other event in your city please do not hesitate to drop us a message and we will add it to this list.


9th to 12th - Consumer Technology Association Conference, Las Vegas

17th to 21st - FITUR, Madrid

17th to 21st - Madrid, Fusion

18th to 28th -Sundance Film Festival, Park City

Consumer Technology Association Conference


1st to 4th - Agrotica, Thessaloniki

1st to 4th - ICSCAE, Montreal

1st to 4th - ICEEIA, Montreal

5th to 9th - Cevisama 2018, Valencia.

6th to 9th - FIMMA, Valencia

6th to 9th - Armed Forces Day Celebrations, Seattle

8th to 18th - Carnival, Cadiz.

9th to 14th - Carnival, Rio de Janeiro.

14th to 18th - Daytona 500, Daytona

19th to 21st - HIP, Madrid

20th to 24th - FIMA, Zaragoza

21st to 27th - Milano Moda Donna, Milano

21st to 25th - ARCO, Madrid

24th to 26th - Artozyma, Thessaloniki

24th to 24th - Scotland v England, Edinburg.

25th to 1st of March - Mobile World Congress, Barcelona

MIlano Fashion Week 2018


9th to 17th - SXSW Conference & Festivals, Austin

15th to 19th - The Falles, Valencia

17th to 18th - Saint Patrick`s Day, United States

25th to 1st April - The Holy Week, Seville

26th to 1st of April - The Holy Week, Spain

The Falles in Valencia


4th to 15th - Commonwealth Games 2018, CGold Coast

14th to 22nd - April Fair, Seville

16th to 18th - Easter and other events, San Francisco

16th to 21st - Milano Moda DesignTrade Show, Milano

18th to 21st - Seville Fair, Seville

21st to 22nd - Rock `n`Roll Marathon, Madrid

26th to 2nd of May - Puente de Mayo, Madrid

Gold Coast Commonwealth Games presentation


1st to 13th - Patios Festival, Córdoba

3rd to 5th - Moto GP, Jerez

4th to 12th - Jerez May Horse Fair, Jerez

19th to 22nd - NRA Show, Chicago

21st to 21st - Whit Monday, US

25th to 27th - Monaco Grand Prix 2018, Monaco

31st to 5th of June - ASCO Annual Meeting, Chicago

Monaco Gran Prix


1st to 4th - A set of different festivals, Chicago

7th to 10th - Canadian Grand Prix, Montreal

15th to 17th - Father`s Day events, US

21st to 21st - Make Music, Seattle

21st to 24th - Ed Sheeran, Cardiff

28th to 30th - Download Festival, Madrid

28th to 30th - TTS 2018, Madrid

Ed Sheeran in concert


4th to 8th - Gay Pride, Madrid

12th to 14th - Mad Cool Festival, Madrid

18th to 22nd - Comic-Con International, San Diego

27th to 29th - Hungarian F1 Grand Prix, Budapest

Gay Pride, Madrid 2017


3rd to 27th - Fringe Festival, Edinburgh

2nd to 5th - Untold Festival, Cluj-Napoca

Untold festival


9th to 11th - CPhI, Madrid

12th to 15th - Fiesta Nacional de España

18th to 20th - Fruit Attraction, Madrid

Fruit Attraction Madrid


1st to 4th - Puente de todos los Santos, España


6th to 9th - Puente de Diciembre, España

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