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Do you know how your Listing appears

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Airbnb superhosts do know their Airbnb visibility.
The position of your property in Airbnb search results has a direct impact on the amount of bookings you get. The sooner you appear in the search results, the more bookings you will have.
But it's not easy to know your listing position in Airbnb search results. Requires time that you usually don't have.

Your Airbnb listing, never lost again!

If people can't find your listing in Airbnb search results, your efforts as host are worthless 
Check at a glance the position of your property listing in Airbnb searches.
We monitor the position of your listing in Airbnb Search Results every 24 hours using different criteria, so you can always be sure that your property is seen.

Don't lose days due to Minimum Stay Setting

Because we monitor your listing, we will also help you avoid losing days by having the minimum stay of your listing configured incorrectly.
If you have set your minimum stay to be 2 or more days, your property won't appear in searches for single days, meaning you could be missing out on bookings.
The problem is more serious when you have set in your Airbnb listing 3 or more days as minimum stay.
We'll help you avoid that common trap. Be a superhost and take advantage of the many features we have to help Airbnb hosts manage successfully their property.

Use Vayoo and with just a few minutes per week reviewing prices, you can increase your property's monthly income by up to 40%.

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Are you losing out by not raising

Prices on Key Dates?

Do you know about annual events when you can rent your property well above your usual price?
Do you know when to lower prices to compete with cheaper Airbnbs listings available in your area?

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Airbnb hosts testimonials

What our hosts think about Vayoo

Jackie Burgarin-Uy

From the Philipines

"Airbnb made me more a creative and resourceful person. Since I am overseas and my listing is in Metro Manila, I needed to think ways how to make it work and how to still be competitive even though I'm not physically present there most of the time. Being connected on the internet makes that possible and with help of apps like Vayoo it makes my hosting journey more of exciting and fulfilling." 

Richard Dyson

From England

"I have used Vayoo to aid me in managing my vacation rental for over 9 months now and it has provided valuable insights into my business (and also that of my competitors). The pricing tool is much better than the ‘smart’ pricing offered by Airbnb.

Vayoo is working for you and its recommendations have certainly helped me fill up: I love knowing who in my neighbourhood is booking, and at what rates."

Sonia Galloso

From Perú

"Bravo good application!!! Thanks to this application, it is now very easy to manage properties because I have statistics that help me create better strategies for my business. Highly recommended and easy to use."

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