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  • The definitive App for Airbnb

    No, we don't have a desktop version. Is it a mistake? Maybe. But we wanted to focus on one thing: to provide Airbnb hosts and property managers with a set of tools that fit into their pockets. Vayoo for Hosts is the first mobile App that helps Airbnb hosts to increase their occupancy rates throughout a series of features.

  • What will this App do for you?

    Price Recommendations

    Be always on Price!

    Vayoo for hosts is the first Mobile app that helps Airbnb hosts increase their profitability by recommending daily prices according to the following factors:

    • Special Events
    • Weekdays vs. Weekends
    • How far away the booking is
    • Seasonality
    • Hotel prices
    • Your competitor's prices
    • Local occupancy rates

    Your Search Ranking

    Your property, never lost again!

    Your listing's search ranking on Airbnb has a direct effect on the number of booking you close. It is simple: the sooner you appear on search results, the more visible your listing will be for travelers. However, knowing your search ranking is not a straightforward story as the platform takes more than 100 factors into account an many of them are secret.


    Our servers are continually monitoring Airbnb website so you can track your search position. With our app, you will not only know whether your property is visible or not, but also in which ranking does it appear.

    Economic Performance

    Track your performance

    Have you ever wonder how much money are you making compared to similar hosts in your area.


    With our App, you will be able to track your economic performance, your occupancy rate and the evolution of your daily price. Then you can compare to your area's statistics and take action upon this information.


    You will also be able to check your area's monthly revenue, monthly occupancy, price per night, cleaning fee average, the number of hosts with instant booking on, the average number of rooms per property in your area, and the average number of stars per host.

  • Testimonials

    This is what our users are saying about us!

    Jackie Bugarin-Uy from the Philippines

    "Airbnb made me more a creative and resourceful person. Since I am overseas and my listing is in Metro Manila, I needed to think ways how to make it work and how to still be competitive even though I'm not physically present there most of the time. Being connected on the internet makes that possible and with help of apps like Vayoo it makes my hosting journey more of exciting and fulfilling."

    Richard Dyson from England

    I have used Vayoo to aid me in managing my vacation rental for over 9 months now and it has provided valuable insights into my business (and also that of my competitors). The pricing tool is much better than the ‘smart’ pricing offered by AirBnB as it is not subject to the bias installed by AirBnB in their algorithms. (AirBnB are only bothered about getting booked, at any cost) Vayoo is working for you and its recommendations have certainly helped me fill up: I love knowing who in my neighbourhood is booking, and at what rates.

    Bravo good application!!! Thanks to this application, it is now very easy to manage properties because I have statistics that help me create better strategies for my business. Highly recommended and easy to use. Check the comment!

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