for your Airbnb

Whenever there is a big event in your area, a yellow star will appear on that day in your Vayoo calendar.

And to prevent you from missing it, we will also send a notification directly to your mobile or email.

Are you missing price opportunities because you aren't aware of important events for your Airbnb listing?


Each year there are certain dates in which there are key events that trigger the occupation in your city: football finals, big concerts, festivals ...

For example, in Madrid, when a football final takes place, prices of hotels and Airbnbs (using Vayoo) are multiplied by more than 3.

A concrete case is for example the final of the Champions of this year (June 1, 2019) in Madrid where prices have multiplied by 10!

In the same way, in the Gay Pride Week occupation and prices also multiply.

Use Vayoo and with just a few minutes per week reviewing prices, you can increase your monthly income by up to 40%

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