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Pricing your vacation rental has never been an easy task.
On the one hand, there is the fear of not renting your property and losing your occupancy rates.
On the other, if you price too low, you might be leaving money on the table, thus reducing profitability.
We calculate the best and most profitable daily price for your listing. We help you increase your income by recommending daily prices taking into account the factors that affect it:
  • Airbnb occupation level in your area
  • Important events (fairs, festivals...)
  • High / low season
  • Hotel prices
  • Prices of your competitors
Once you download the app, you will have access to 3 different calendars.
1.- General Calendar
It tells you whenever you need to rise or lower you price. The dark orange means you can raise your prices for that day, the light orange means the opposite. Let's have a closer look:
2.- Monthly Calendar
Here you can check the recommended prices for each day of a specific month. You have two options, either you apply all the prices at once -top right button- or you change them one by one. In order to change prices directly from the app, you must link your account.
3.- Daily Calendar
Here you can check all the information for a specific day, in this case, march the 23rd. In the first row, you have access to 4 tabs: Price, Min-Stay, Visibility and Events. In the price tab, you have the option to apply Vayoo's recommended price or insert a different amount.
Discover the most efficient pricing strategies in the following article: how to price my Airbnb

Use Vayoo and with just a few minutes per week reviewing prices, you can increase your monthly income by up to 40%

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