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Vayoo in the Who's Who of the Vacation Rental World 2018

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Vrtech is a company that organizes events where professional & technology companies get together to support innovation in the vacation rental industry.


For the third year now, they have also been publishing the Who’s Who of the Vacation Rental World. The Who’s Who is, in the words of her founder, “the most comprehensive list of vacation rental technology services”. In this year’s document, there are 230 of the world’s most innovative companies in the vacation rental industry and guess what… Vayoo is one of them!


We are very pleased to appear among well-established companies and other members of this community. We hope we’ll be able to participate in one of the events very soon and why not, contribute as a sponsor too.


Regarding our profile on this year’s Who’s Who, we would like to correct a few things. When we submitted our application at the beginning of the year we were still beta-testing our App and that’s why it says our service is for free. Now, we ask our users to contribute to our cause with a weekly or monthly subscription. Also, we were mainly focusing on pricing at that time. Now, we have a more comprehensive approach, we focus not only on pricing but also on search position, minimum stay alerts, area statistics, etc. We use big data and machine learning to provide you with the data you need to succeed on Airbnb.

Who's Who in the Vacation Rental World 2018
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