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Airbnb News of the Week

Week of February the 19th

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Airbnb launches two new services: Airbnb Plus and Beyond by Airbnb.

There is not much to say about Beyond by Airbnb apart that it is designed for wealthy travelers and it includes not only high-end homes but also hospitality and custom experiences. Beyond by Airbnb is basically an effort to woo wealthy travelers. Airbnb Plus in exchange is an official verification of “Quality and comfort.” Anyone can apply, but you will need to fulfill three requirements: have a beautiful home, be an exceptional host be verified for quality which means your place should be comfortable, well-equipped, well-maintained and thoughtfully designed.

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What Technology Stack Does Airbnb Use?

Airbnb has many great functionalities that have brought the Company to success. Airbnb is safe, reliable, user-friendly, and a convenient marketplace for both, homeowners and renters. But what is Airbnb’s tech stack? There is a lot of interest in it in the tech world, and this article uncovers it.

Airbnb Having A Bad Experience With Experiences

Airbnb experiences might not be working as expected according to a new report published by the New York Times. The company had predicted the service will hit $200 million in gross sales by the end of 2018. However, in 2017, experiences generated only $10 million. A source familiar with the issue said Airbnb has lost more than $100 million from the new service. Airbnb disputed that claim and called the figures inaccurate, but declined to provide more details. In fact, the company projects. Experiences will be profitable by the end of next year.

Airbnb partners with Nest to offer discounts on thermostats for top-rated hosts

Airbnb is rewarding the top hosts by offering them a 30 percent discount on Nest products –specifically the smart home company’s popular thermostats and Nest Protect devices-. Nest is the first of what Airbnb envisions as a more comprehensive store for discounted intelligent home devices for superhosts.The discount program should be rolling out later this spring alongside other changes for superhosts, including a new profile badge, free travel vouchers, and other perks.

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