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How to market your Airbnb on social media?

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There are literally thousands of properties available on Airbnb and if these trends continue, their number will grow even more in the near future. This means that it’s becoming more difficult for Airbnb hosts to make their property stand out.

Yet, it turns out that with the help of social media you can market your property and get better exposure. More than half of Internet users are using at least one of the popular social media platforms and marketing your Airbnb property there, is inexpensive and fun. As you are probably aware, there are a few popular social media platforms out there and we will discuss the marketing approaches on each of them.


The list starts with Facebook because this is the leading social media network in the last ten years. All it takes to get noticed on Facebook is to create a fan page and share relevant and helpful posts on your page. Learn how to create a Facebook page here.

You can get in touch with past guests and find what’s good (and bad) about your property and market your rental to new users. This is also a good option to inform potential guests about promotions and discounts. Keep in mind that Facebook lets you share videos, photos, links, and a few other things. The best idea is to use your Facebook page to provide useful information to fans, past guests, and potential guests. Don’t turn your page into a tool for constant self-promotion.

Here are some examples of people doing this:


Pinterest is another popular social media platform which is focused on images. So, you should find the best photos of your property and share it on Pinterest. Of course, you can also take other photos and share them on your profile like photos of local attractions and landmarks and useful spots in the area where your Airbnb property is located.


Twitter is an excellent social media network for promotion despite the fact that it started as a microblogging network. Today, Twitter allows users to tweet images and videos too. This is an excellent option for those looking for personalized promotions. Twitter is the place where you will find bloggers, local businesses, and ordinary people. Don’t forget that Twitter allows limited use of characters in one tweet. You can post more frequently, but keep the tweets short and useful. It’s also a good idea to reply to others and post replies on other people’s Twitter accounts.

Are you a successful Airbnb hosts promoting your Airbnb through social media? We would love to publish your story!

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