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Week of May the 6th

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Airbnb proposes home-sharing plan for Hong Kong flat owners to earn money and offer tourists ‘a local experience’

Airbnb has joined forces with a local sharing economy lobby group to convince the government not to crack down on short-term home rentals, arguing that having a “simple licensing framework” for homeowners would allow them to earn money on the side and boost tourism.Current laws, he said, made it tough for Hongkongers to offer visitors a local experience. “The law is really restrictive for people to share their homes. This will also be bad for the Hong Kong economy and we are really concerned,” Orgill said, after joining a forum organised by the Sharing Economy Alliance. IT lawmaker Charles Mok is an adviser to the alliance.

Why Most States Are Struggling to Regulate Airbnb

“One-size-fits-all state regulation may not always be the most appropriate policy response, and states may therefore choose to allow local governments to regulate,” said Kellen Zale, a law professor at the University of Houston who has done research on the short-term rental market.Some big cities, such as New York, saw the short-term rentals as a threat to the rental market based on long-term leases, as well as to traditional hotels. New York last year allocated extra funding to enforce a state law restricting rentals for fewer than 30 days unless the host is present and there are no more than two guests. Other cities saw the short-term rentals as a potential source of income and sought to expand tourist or hotel taxes to the new schemes, with varying success.


Airbnb Sets Its Sights on Surfing

Surfing is about to become part of Airbnb in a big way: on Thursday, the home rental and travel company will introduce more than 75 surfing-related activities in its Experiences category, a service where travelers can book unique activities and tours with Airbnb hosts in more than 20 destinations worldwide. The new Experiences are launching in collaboration with the World Surf League, the professional sport’s global governing body, and cost an average of $50 to $100.

Bob Marley's Granddaughter Will Sue Police After Getting Mistaken for a Burglar at an Airbnb Rental

Donisha Prendergast, the granddaughter of famed musician Bob Marley, will sue a California police department after officers mistook her and her friends for burglars, instead of Airbnb guests, authorities said. The Rialto Police Department was served with a lawsuit notice Monday following the Apr. 30 incident involving Prendergast and her two friends, all of whom are black, according to the New York Daily News.

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