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Week of June the 24th

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Airbnb Calms Employees with Cash Bonuses, Releases New Details on IPO

Airbnb Inc.’s Brian Chesky is trying to soothe the masses. The co-founder and chief executive officer of the home-sharing website told employees on Thursday that it will pay them cash bonuses and is aiming to hold an IPO before late 2020, when some employee stock grants expire.

The move is designed to calm growing frustration because the 10-year-old upstart has yet to pursue a public offering. Airbnb last allowed some employees to sell stock to new investors in 2016.

Do Airbnb properties make good neighbors? Well, depends who you ask

When it comes to Airbnb, there's not much middle ground. People love it — or they hate it. And how they feel may depend in great part on whether they have a neighbor who's being an exemplary — or an irresponsible — host.

Since launching this column for the Courier Journal a few months ago, I've heard from a number of folks who live near an Airbnb that's not run responsibly and they are not happy about it. “We walk past smokers on the porch, hear visitors on vacation coming and going at all hours and find our garbage cans full after they leave,” wrote one.

Wimbledon residents could make £2million from renting out homes during tennis tournament

Wimbledon residents could stand to make quite the smashing amount by renting out their homes during the tennis championships. New research by Airbnb has revealed that locals are set to earn a collective £2million on the website, over the two weeks of the world famous tournament.

Which, incidentally, is about the same amount awarded to the singles tournament's winners. Over 80,000 guests are expected to descend upon the London borough where stars including Federer, Nadal and Murray will be taking to the courts.

Airbnb and Uber woes show Japan does not share easily

With thousands of Airbnb reservations scrapped and Uber reduced to delivering food, life is hard in Japan for the giants of the sharing economy: They’re stuck between tough regulation and popular suspicion.

Japan may be the world’s third-largest economy and a high-tech hub but it has been surprisingly slow to warm up to the sharing economy that has disrupted markets across the globe.

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