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Week of May the 27th

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Raunchy Airbnb confessions revealed

If you’ve ever wondered what Airbnb guests really get up to, you can be assured it’s a whole lot of mischief. That’s according to the review website House Method which surveyed more than 1000 Airbnb guests and 100 hosts about what really goes on behind the scenes, only to conclude that guests can be “pretty obnoxious”. From pet peeves to freaky incidents, the survey found that the Airbnb experiences can be so bad that nearly half (48 per cent) of hosts have considered chucking in the towel due to the poor behaviour of guests, while 22 per cent had already stopped hosting for this reason.

Tracking traveler dollars: Airbnb vs. hotel chains and cruise lines

Furthering its sustainable tourism initiatives, Airbnb has released a new report tracking how traveler-spent dollars are allocated across different types of accommodations. The findings claim Airbnb listings can benefit local economies more than chain hotels and cruise lines - the latter a particular detriment to sustainable tourism efforts. The Healthy Travel and Healthy Destinations report finds that Airbnb hosts keep up to 97% of the posted price of their listing, with the remaining 3% fed to Airbnb as a host fee. Based on the posted price, guests also pay a service fee and cleaning fee (which the home-share site has tested eliminating in a pilot program).

Edinburgh Airbnb owners would have to pay city's tourist tax

EDINBURGH’S rapidly growing Airbnb accommodation rental sector would have to pay the tourist tax which the city council is considering introducing. A report on the Transient Visitor Levy (TVL), otherwise known as the tourist tax will go before Thursday’s council meeting. It states that Airbnb-type listings in the city rose by more than 50 per cent in one year and recommends that the tax be levied on Airbnb users. The report states: “It is recommended that the scope of a transient visitor levy should be equitable across the range of accommodation options and include hotels, service apartments and B&B/guesthouses and Airbnb type properties.”

City regulations on Airbnb rentals are 'punitive' to ordinary people, co-founder says

Home-sharing platform Airbnb has been increasingly under fire from city authorities attempting to limit residential rentals through the online marketplace. Arguing in the company's defense this week, Airbnb co-founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Nathan Blecharczyk told CNBC in Paris that this is largely a result of "misinformation" and hurts ordinary people.

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