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Week of May the 20th

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Airbnb quietly launches its own Stories for users to build video montages of their travels

The stories format has been one of the most sticky features of social apps like Snapchat and Instagram, letting users stitch together video, photo and text overlays to convey moods and experiences to friends and followers; even Google has incorporated stories into its services. Now Airbnb is becoming the latest adopter of the format: the travel and accommodations startup has quietly launched a new feature called Travel Stories, a way for guests to create video sequences of their Airbnb experiences to post on the site.

The company has sent out invitations for a beta of the service to a pool of users (pictured below, sent to us by reader Matteo Gamba, who runs an Airbnb blog). A FAQ page about the new format says that for now Story making is only available on the latest version of its iPhone app, under the Travel Stories tab of your profile. Video clips are limited to 10 seconds each and are taken from your camera roll and can be edited in the Airbnb app.

How Airbnb and Little Concert are reviving London's grassroots music scene

The series will see 11 Airbnb concerts launch across London over the course of a month, kicking off with a performance on 1 June at Tower Bridge. British singer, songwriter and musician Jade Bird will become the first performer in history to hold a concert inside the iconic landmark’s North Tower.

Airbnb concerts have thus far helped artists around world to earn income from their gigs; this collaboration seeks to tackle the problems emerging artists face in making a profit from their talents in the UK. The music industry has been identified by the Mayor’s office as needing vital support at the grassroots level.

Airbnb Hosts using JAK App for on-demand Repairs and Maintenance

From running around organising key drop offs, restocking supplies and washing the linen to managing bookings and dealing with guest enquiries; it’s hard to find a spare moment.

The last thing that you want is that dreaded call to hear that one of your properties needs at-once repairs or maintenance. How on earth are you going to find time to get this sorted before your next guest arrives?

Well, that’s where JAK comes in handy. JAK is an app that connects customers with tradesmen in their area, 24/7. Simply post a job and the closest available tradesman will accept it and be on their way. You can track their arrival time, see the base rates before you post the job so you know how much you will be paying and then rate their service at the completion of the job.

Airbnb in Japan lets you check in at convenience stores

It's getting easier than ever to check into your Airbnb on your travels.

In Japan, Airbnb has partnered with Family Mart, one of Japan's biggest convenience store chains, to let hosts leave their keys in special lock boxes at stores for pickup by guests. This begins next month, Japanese media NHK reported Monday.

Guests check in to their Airbnb by verifying their information, such as passport details, using a tablet. Once their identities are confirmed, a lock box will open with the keys. At the end of their stay, guests can also return keys at the stores. Family Mart hopes the service will reach 150 stores -- mostly in Tokyo and Osaka -- by February next year.

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