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Week of May the 13th

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Amsterdam bans Airbnb and hikes taxes to halt city's 'Disneyfication'

Amsterdam, city of red lights and cannabis cafes, may soon be pulling the plug on the party. Following the examples of Barcelona and Venice, Amsterdam's main political parties have announced radical measures to turn down the volume of tourism and reverse the "Disneyfication" of the Dutch capital. A coalition of four parties, negotiating to form the new city government, yesterday issued a pledge of agreed reforms to provide "balance in the city". It will ban Airbnb short-term rentals in busy areas, divert cruise ships from docking in the centre, and crack down on "fun rides" like Segways, beer bikes, and boozy boat trips. The tourist tax will also rise from between 4pc and 6pc to a flat 7pc - raising €105m a year by 2022.


In Denmark, Airbnb to report hosts' rent to tax authorities

Denmark says online room-rental platform Airbnb will start to automatically report its users’ deals to taxation authorities, the first country to do so. Taxation minister Carsten Lauritzen says Airbnb “has committed to report data so their hosts pay taxes.” He says Airbnb will inform Danish taxation authorities of the number of renting days and its users’ total income. The deal announced Thursday closes a loophole in which hosts had to report to tax authorities on a voluntary basis.

Spain Cracked Down Hard on Airbnb Last Week

If you have a vacation coming up in Barcelona (or Madrid, or Mallorca, or Valencia, or, like, half of Spain) and you're staying in an Airbnb, listen up. In the past week, provinces across the country proposed new regulations on home shares and vacation rentals that may put a damper on your upcoming holiday. While the new regulations aren't officially laws yet,they're shaking up the rental market, and could result in as many as 95 percent of Madrid's city center Airbnbs being pulled from the site over the next year.

So, an Airbnb guest asks for a discount. Here's why you should say no

It seems innocent enough. A potential guest writes and asks if there might be a little wiggle room in your price in your Airbnb rental. Maybe it's last-minute and they think you'll be happy to rent it at any price. Maybe there's an earnest story about a special occasion or financial constraint. No matter what the reason or the situation, here's what I will tell you — no way, no how, just no. Run away as fast as you can. Now sometimes it really is an innocent mistake. Some people are just hagglers by nature and never pay full price. Good for them. Who doesn't like a bargain? But this is not the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul where the first price given assumes a healthy bargaining session and all parties know the real price falls well below it.

Germany’s Pursuit of Tax Evaders With Airbnb May Spread in Europe

German tax officials want Airbnb Inc. to surrender all data on its German users to track down tax evaders, and have asked Irish authorities to help, a spokesperson from the Berlin Administration of Finance told Bloomberg Tax in a May 17 email. “Hamburg has turned to Airbnb Ireland after Berlin had decided that Airbnb Berlin was not responsible,” for the information, the spokesperson said, referring to the European headquarters of the American company. “Hamburg has now tried in coordination with Berlin and the other federal states to find another way and addressed a request for information.”

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