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Week of December 1st

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How Airbnb went from 1,400 guests on New Year's Eve 2009, to more than 3 million

Brian Chesky announced on his twitter account that Airbnb was having more than 3 million stays for New Year’s Eve. The substantial amount of guests for the turn of the year marks a constant uptick for Airbnb. Starting in 2009, there were merely 1,400 users, meaning patrons of the service have multiplied by more than 2,140 times. If you are an entrepreneur, Airbnb should be one of your case studies. In this story from the CNBC you will discover why the growth of this accommodations-rental, travel platform has been so remarkable.

Airbnb beats big property landlord’s lawsuit in California

A Los Angeles federal judge has dismissed Apartment Investment & Management Company’s (AIMCO) lawsuit against Airbnb. The company, which owns and manages about 50,000 properties, sued Airbnb, because according to them it is consciously incentivizing people to breach AIMCO’s leases through unapproved short-term rentals.

Hundreds go to party at Airbnb in Seven Hills and trash house

In this case it was the same homeowner who rented a room on Airbnb for 40 bucks an hour who threw the party. This is a strange case because usually it is the guest who throws the party breaking the host’s rules but in this case, it was the homeowner who announced the party on twitter and charged 5$ a person. The fact that he had a room on Airbnb seems collateral.

Spain will watch over Airbnb to thwart future terrorist attacks

Spanish authorities plan to keep a watchful eye on vehicle rental and accommodation portals such as Airbnb in the aftermath of the twin attack by jihadists in Catalonia last August.

New York lawmaker wants to legalize Airbnb

An upstate senator introduced a bill Wednesday that would legalize and regulate Airbnb and other short-term rental platforms in New York. Senator John Bonacic, a Republican from Mt. Hope, wants to modernize the 2011 law that makes it illegal to rent an entire home or apartment for fewer than 30 days.

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