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Week of January 15th

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Airbnb is promoting listings in ‘shithole countries’

Airbnb has launched a $100,000 digital ad campaign — promoting listings in places that President Trump reportedly referred to as “shitholes.” The vacation-rental company says it will try to use the cash to boost tourism in Haiti, El Salvador and countries in Africa that Trump was said to have badmouthed during an Oval Office meeting on immigration last week, according to Fortune.

Seven European cities where it’s cheaper to stay in a hotel than in an Airbnb

As unbelievable as you think it is, the reality is that this is very true. VoucherCloud has looked into the average cost for one person to stay in an Airbnb vs a three-star hotel across every capital city in Europe to work out in which cities an Airbnb is a savvy decision and in which locations staying on a hotel might actually save you some money.

Airbnb now lets you book with a 50% deposit

Airbnb announced that it will now let guests book with a deposit, marking a notable shift from the current state of play that requires you to pay the full amount up front. According to the platform, “Adopting a deposit-based approach fits into the broader picture here, as the option to pay in two installments gives guests greater flexibility. It could also go some way toward helping hosts secure more bookings, given that would-be guests may be more inclined to make a booking if the up-front payment is lower. Airbnb also said the new payment option “encourages” bookings even further ahead of time.”

Airbnb purges thousands of San Francisco listings overnight

The new law that went into effect on Wednesday has obliged Airbnb to deactivate all hosts who didn’t register with the city hall. Earlier this year, Airbnb says, it listed about 11,000 rentals in San Francisco and by Wednesday that number dropped by more than 4,500 rentals. Airbnb and San Francisco have a long history. The home rental site first launched its service in San Francisco in 2008 and the company still maintains its headquarters there. San Francisco was also one of the first cities in the world to work with Airbnb to make short-term rentals legal.

Airbnb plans for 90-day restriction in Edinburgh

Short-term letting hosts would be restricted to renting out their properties for just 90 days under the plans. The 90 days would be in addition to peak festival periods. Airbnb has laid out the recommendations it made to an expert panel created by the Scottish government.

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