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Week of February the 5th

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Airbnb teams with SiteMinder to streamline bookings for boutique hotels and B&Bs

Airbnb reach and agreement with a global hotel technology provider called SiteMinder, which is one of the top channel managers in the industry. Small hospitality businesses, boutique hotels and B&B will now have access to SiteMinder’s cloud platform to connect with Airbnb’s customer base. According to the Tnooz, many of these business were already using Airbnb, but the two companies have jointly developed a new technology to streamline the process and make it more efficient.

Detroit bans many Airbnb rentals, surprising hosts and the company

The city of Detroit approved a ban on Airbnb last year that has come into effect this week taking everybody by surprise. Detroiters can no longer hosts Airbnb guest in many residential areas. Under the new ordinance single and double family residences in certain parts of the city are consider as “bed and breakfast inn”. "Use of a dwelling to accommodate paid overnight guests is prohibited as a home occupation," the zoning ordinance now says.

Ibiza is cracking down on accommodation listed on Airbnb

Renting a property on Airbnb and other tourist rental platforms in Ibiza will be much more difficult from this summer. The City of Ibiza Council has voted to prohibit vacation rentals throughout the district of the White Isle it governs. Similar measures were taken by other municipalities in the island. These measures intent to prevent the ‘state of jungle’ in which the island becomes every summer. Only a handful of districts will still allow single-family villas to be rented out.

Airbnb listings in Amsterdam up over 4%; City to continue tough stance

The growth of Airbnb listings in Amsterdam has slowed down. In 2017, there were only 4% more listings than the year before bringing a seeming end to the explosive growth in vacation rentals. Last year, the city council fined illegal short-term rentals with 4.2 million euros in total. "Homes are for living in. The most important goal of our enforcement is to put an end to the illegal use of homes", housing alderman Laurens Ivens said in a press release on Wednesday. "Our approach is increasingly successful. In 2017 a total of 1,407 became available for living in again."

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