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Week of February the 12th

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Airbnb and the Unintended Consequences of 'Disruption'

The U.S economy is in the middle of a technological change that is essentially changing the way people sleep, work, eat, shop, love, read, and interact. At least, that’s one interpretation. This article explains the effect of Airbnb in US economy and society.

Airbnb pulls in $1bn from Australian business

Airbnb has gone from an accommodation minnow to a giant in less than five years, with new figures ­revealing the sharing platform is on the brink of turning over $1 billion a year in Australia. But the accommodation group has also acknowledged damaging headwinds to its future growth in Australia, including the potentially devastating impact on Airbnb entrepreneurs if they are forced to pay capital gains tax ­because they share their home.

Many South Koreans rent out their homes during the Winter Olympics

With the Winter Olympics underway in South Korea, residents in the country's Gangwon province are set to earn more than $2 million from renting out their homes to visitors, according to Airbnb. Gangwon is set to house more than 9,000 travelers in Airbnb-listed homes during the games, the short-term rentals company said at a press conference in Seoul last week. There were about 4,000 Airbnb listings in the province, the company added.

Airbnb to launch new tier of select hotel-like properties

Airbnb will announce its newest product soon: Airbnb Select. Perhaps as early as next week. According to the travel magazine Skift it’s good news for those who have always longed for more quality assurance or control in the Airbnb accommodation experience. Last month, Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky tweeted that on February 22, the company would share “our biggest changes to our platform in our 10-year history” and it’s a good bet that Airbnb Select is one of those changes

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