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Week of December 18th, 2017.

Airbnb Apartment Complexes Could Soon be Coming to the U.S.—Thanks to a $200 Million Investment

Airbnb has received a $200 million investment to bring its branded apartment project across the U.S. The company has partnered with a Miami-based developer to launch a brand of residential complexes called ‘Niido Powered by Airbnb’ that are designed for home sharing.Will Airbnb lose its essence going into this market?

Airbnb books first full-year profit in 2017 as China business takes off

After 9 years, Airbnb is finally set to book its first full year of profitability. This makes the home-sharing company one of the only large venture-funded Silicon Valley companies that are making money.

"The third quarter was the strongest quarter in the company's history and this year, we will be profitable, as measured by EBITDA," Laurence Tosi, the chief financial officer of the home-sharing company, told CNBC. A source familiar with Airbnb's financials said the company will end 2017 with bookings up approximately 50 percent from 2016.

U.S. tops the list of New Year's destinations: Airbnb

Airbnb has an estimated three million people with stays booked via for Dec. 31, as revelers from around the world head off to see 2018 in a different country. According to recently published data from the accommodation platform, the U.S. -- and New York, in particular -- is the most popular destination for New Year's Eve.

More than 200 countries will welcome guests celebrating New Year's away from home. They hail from over 210 countries and territories, including Togo, Tajikistan, Surinam and the Faroe Islands. In Vayoo we also make our list of the 20 most common destinations for New Year’s Eve

This home-sharing startup is taking on Airbnb

Airbnb is the biggest home-sharing platform, but a new startup is trying to push its way into the market. This startup is CryptoAirbnb, a new company that is combining two of this year’s trendiest topics: home-sharing and cryptocurrency.

Would you accept payments in cryptocurrencies?

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