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As hosts, we all care about our search ranking because we know that the higher we appear in the search results, the more bookings we'll get.

So, the first thing we do in Vayoo is to tell you whether your listing appears or not within the first 17 pages (306 listings).

We monitor the position of your listing every 24 hours using different criteria, so you can always be sure that your property is seen.

Check at a glance the position of your listing in Airbnb search results.

In the Monthly calendar we show you in which position your listing appears on each day of that month.

In purple you have the page position, and in gray the price that you have for that day.

We see how this property appears among the first pages and even the first page on February 3rd.

In the Daily calendar we go further and also offer you your listing visibility for different search criteria. You will be presented different results depending on the user search criteria.


For instance, if travelers look for one night with no filter for “number of rooms,” this listing will appear on the first page. However, if travelers search for three nights with one bedroom, the listing won’t even appear within the first 17 pages.

If you want to know more about how Airbnb search ranking works and how to improve your search position, have a look at these blog posts: "Your Airbnb Search Ranking in Vayoo App" and "What factors determine how my listing appears in search results?"

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