• Vayoo Team

    Miguel Roig Gimbernat

    CEO & Co-founder

    During his career, he has had different management responsibilities in companies related to IT, Telecom and Internet media services such as Gsmbox, BT Telecomunicaciones, ATOS, TvShop, and Sistelcom.

    His academic background is in IT Engineering complemented with an MBA at Instituto de Empresa.

    Enrique Sandoval


    Successful serial entrepreneur.

    Previously more than 20 years in sales & management responsibilities in IT companies and Consultancy firms. Enrique has the skills and contacts needed to connect with the biggest companies.

    Silvia Baschwitz


    Silvia is a copyright and internet lawyer with more than 15 years advising Spanish and international clients belonging from different sectors such as technology, entertainment, advertising, tourism, internet, fashion, retail, IA, Big Data, sharing economies, among others. She is also investor and adviser in different startups and projects.

    She speaks fluent Spanish, English and French as well as basic Italian.

    Juan Pablo Rizzo

    Software Architect

    Enterprise Application Architect. More than twenty years working with the Microsoft Platform. Certified Scrum Master. Particularly interested in big data-driven projects. Ideally using Microsoft Azure stack (HDInsight, Data Lake Analytics, Stream Analytics, etc.)

    Alejandro izquierdo

    Marketing Manager

    The youngest member of the team. He has been traveling for almost half of his life. He joined the team right after coming back from Australia, where he worked as marketing manager for Europe at an English School. He loves traveling, electronic music and contact sports.

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