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Guest Blog: Tyann's Top 10 Tips for AirBnB Photos (Part1)

By Tyann Marcink from

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10. Clean the property

It may be common sense, yet it is so very important. Thoroughly clean your property before your photo shoot.

Photographs show every little detail, including smudges on the stainless appliances, dust tracks across the hardwood floors, and unmade beds.

Guests don’t want to stay at a property that appears dirty or unkempt.


Unclean terrace. Photo by Tyann Marcink

Tip: Clean and prep your space just like you would for a guest, except this guest is a camera.

9. Straighten it

Bed skirts, comforters and duvets, pillows, blinds, curtains, artwork, lampshades, towels, mirrors…check that it is all straight and proper.

Because crooked means sloppy.

And sloppy means dirty.

Who wants to stay at a dirty AirBnB?


Pro Photo by Tyann Marcink.

Tip: Scrutinize your space methodically, looking at each wall, each piece of furniture, and each piece of fabric.

8. Put away the clutter

A room without clutter feels more spacious and inviting in a photograph.

Every detail jumps out in a photograph, even when it is overlooked by our eyes when we are present in a room.

Remove most of the small appliances that line the kitchen counter, recycle the stack of tourist magazines the last guests left, and move the trashcan out of the frame.

Electrical cords, toaster, blender, waffle maker, coasters, crockpot, fridge magnets, cleaning supplies…you get the drift.

Put all that clutter away for your wide room shot. Then shoot a creative photo for each of those important small appliances that you would like to highlight.


Image plenty of clutter. Photo by the host.


Photo with no clutter by Tyann Marcink.

Tip: After you snap your photo, scrutinize it to see if there is any clutter or cords you missed when you prepped the room. You may see something else to remove and need to take another shot.

7. Close the toilet lid

Maybe it is just a phobia of germs escaping from the toilet if the lid is up, or maybe it is the thought of my toothbrush falling into the loo. Whether you think that sounds crazy or not, close the lid for a better appearance.

Tips_for _Airbnb_Photos

Photo by the host.

6. Only food shots should be tilted

Interior rooms should not appear to be sloping unless your headline includes “Ripley’s Believe it or Not” in the title. Keep the walls and doorways straight and leave the “Dutch tilt” effect to the food shots.

Our minds associate straight walls with secure walls, so don’t make the walls feel like they are about to fall.


Photo not tilted. By the host.

Straight photo by by Tyann Marcink.

Tip: Line up the edge of the viewfinder of your camera or phone with a wall or a doorway.

About Tyann Marcink

Her recent adventures took her down the face of a slippery cliff off the Na Pali Coast in Kauai and into a secret cave with 20 sleeping sea turtles. She has dangled her feet from the edge of canyons and climbed poles to get “the shot.”

Her passion for photography and vacation rentals truly makes her eyes sparkle.

Considered the industry leader in vacation rental photography, Tyann also has the advantage of the host’s viewpoint, as she has three properties in Branson and St. Louis area, Missouri and has hosted over 5,000 guests since 2007.

In addition, she teaches host and owner best practices, workflow, and social media at the VR Mastered #vacationrentalbootcamp as well as vacation rental photography to other hosts and photographers.

Tyann has written several ebooks (including a free one) and created a video course on vacation rental photography as well as teaches workshops on the subject and presented at industry conferences, including:

  • Vacation Rental World Summit
  • Vacation Rental Success Summit
  • VRMA East
  • Florida VRMA
  • HomeAway Summits

See the articles she has written for industry companies and magazines at her press page.

Follow her adventures, photography tips, and hosting insights on Facebook, Instagram (@tyannmarcink), and YouTube. And sign up for her periodic emails and free ebook here.

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